. 🔞DD/DM-LB/DG Community🔞
. 👼 Little space for all genders👼
. 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ Friendly🏳️‍🌈
. 🌸Naturally Progressing Roleplay🌸
. 🏡 Safe Home for everyone involved🏡

Are you a little brat that needs to be taught a lesson? A mommy or daddy that needs that special little someone to adopt and cherish? We are a littlespace for all 18+ littles, mommies / daddies, and ones looking for a special roleplay partner. We have unique features to expedite your ability to find yourself an rp partner whether a little, mommy or daddy. Come put yourself up for adoption or enlist as a family to adopt others. We offer a safe environment for everyone involved. Use our custom-made bot for creating and managing families as well as adopting or listing yourself to be adopted. Whether you are looking for a partner, parent, little or just want to enjoy some good family roleplay. Cuddle Room is the server for you.

We use a legally binding agreement to ensure all are 18+ as well as a safe ID age verification.