DayZGone Namalsk is a brand new server for everyone who enjoys the Namalsk Hardcore experience. This server is open to everyone who enjoys PvP, PvE, and RP. Created with a selection of mods to provide a more immersive gaming experience. More military buildings have been added with a few small touches to loot/weapons to make up for it. As well as a boosted and modded airfield. We provide a slightly higher spawn rate of all Lantia item lore so the trip to the alien world isn't as grindy and time consuming. This server offers 2 Added weapons with the potential to add more in the future. The first being the popular AR15 (Similar to M4 with a A3 spawn chance without needing to go to Lantia) & The AKSR (Similar to KAM) Found at the southern military bases. We have also included larger magazines for the CR-527(10), Scorpion(35), VSS(20), and VSD(20). Server also includes Global Text but this may change in the future. As well as the Blood test kit to inform Survivors of a specific illness. The goal of DayZGone Hardcore Namalsk is to provide DayZ players with a server where they can PvP, PvE, or RP exactly how they want. Additional servers and maps may be added in the future depending on the success of our very first server. This server also comes with Admins who may be able to help out players in the event that they get "DayZd" (with proper proof) As stated this server is brand new with a newly created Discord so please bare with me on the creation of this community of DayZ Fans. other than that, Please join the Discord and give feedback on your time on DayZGone Namalsk. Thank you for your time reading all of this!

SERVER INFORMATION: Max Players- 42 IP- Restarts- Every 4 hours. Mods- Community Framework, Dabs Framework, Community Online Tools, Advanced Weapon Scopes Blood Test Kit, DayOne, Dog tags, Military Overhault Pack, No Force Weapon Raise, Stack More Items, Windstrides Clothing Pack. Playstyle- PvP, PvE, RP. First Person Only! Discord: