This server is brand new, and only a few hours released to select outlets for invitation links. being it's very first listing outside of being posted on The Network on Discord.

A lot of people are asking lately... "Is there an RP server for Xbox..?" Well, if there is RP to be had on XB1, we'll be sure to contribute towards the community providing that for the people.

A lot of people have different definitions of roleplaying though, and without the means to regulate disciplinary actions outside of our servers, it can be challenging. However, we only ask one thing: Value Your Life.

Simple, a lot of people get burnt out on games that are too easy, or lose it's fear factor. We ask you play on the edge and immerse yourselves into the game by operating on the concept of-- "I don't wanna die, let me do everything I can, including comply or beg, or whatever it takes... just lemme survive." Instead of running full speed into a garaunteed death trying to be a martyr or out for kills.

This alone brings a whole new breathe of life into the game for me, I'm sure it will for you as well.. and what better way than to accomodate that aspect than with a new fresh server here on Discord.