Gang Wars: Season 3 is here!

Welcome to Gang Wars: Season 3!

Gang Wars was an event that we do where 4 Gangs (teams) go head to head against each other in crew battles throughout one month to decide who is the Gang Wars Champion. It was a much-beloved and fun event for both us and you guys. However, this season is different, MUCH more different. And this time, its the biggest Gang Wars ever.

Gang Wars: Season 3 is a server event that takes place over the course of 3 months. Three different teams will compete against each other for points, which are earned through a variety of events throughout the 2-month regular season. The Gangs will then go against each other in the Playoffs during the last month of the Season. The team at the end of the season with the most points wins!

  • Three Gangs are created at the start of the season, each with its own two Co-Leaders.
  • Each Gang has a member cap of 50. When all Gangs reach this member cap, the member cap for all Gangs will be increased until it is reached again. This is to prevent one centralizing Gang.
  • Every week of the season will bring its own event. Gangs will compete in these events to earn points.
  • The team at the end of the season with the most points wins!

Want to join in? You can join a Gang (if it isn't capped) by joining our server and going to the #🏟-gang-wars-info channel!

Your three Gangs for the Season are: 🍄 Mushroom Kingdom ⚔️ Hyrule Warriors 🌠 Planet Popstar

🍄 Mushroom Kingdom

Patience and justice are what these coin-snatching, high-flying, adventure-loving people are all about!

This Gang's 🍄 Mushroom Kingdom Co-Leaders are @Gourd and @Shea.

If you want to join this Gang, you better be ready to power-up to reach the next checkpoint; we sure don't slow down for anything!


⚔️ Hyrule Warriors

Wisdom, courage, and power are the key of the heart to these defenders of the land.

This Gang's ⚔️ Hyrule Warriors Co-Leaders are @Mythrra, @Shadowbreon, and @Null.

If you want to join this Gang, you must have honor, respect, and dedication to your cause. Only the most legendary of warriors can stand up to this legion!


🌠 Planet Popstar

Kindness, jamming, and just plain fun are the main songs of these rockstars!

This Gang's 🌠 Planet Popstar Co-Leaders are @Ice_killer305 and @DDee but actually DDee.

If you want to join this Gang, all you have to do is have fun, fly around the stars, and be open to food of any and all kinds! Get your Maxim Tomatoes ready, no one can catch up in our Air Ride!


You can see a full list of rules and changes here:

Choose your Gang wisely and quick: once you select one, you can't go back, and once the member limit is reached, the role will lock itself until the Gangs are balanced again!

Good luck and have fun!