Ship In 30 | Monthly Event

Join us for a collaborative and creative experience with the 'Ship in 30' event!

In this event, participants will come together to create something amazing. All attendees will join 🤝🏽Meeting Room to discuss and brainstorm project ideas.

Once an idea is agreed upon, the entire server will work together to plan, design, and code the project. Throughout the event, everyone will communicate and collaborate via the discord server, sharing updates, seeking help, and providing support in the 🧑discussion channel.

The project will be a true team effort, with everyone contributing their skills and expertise. At the end of the event, the completed project will be presented for others to see and enjoy!

The project and event is simply for fun, and you're welcome to contribute as much or as little as you'd like. It's a great opportunity to experience working in a larger team with multiple tech stacks and industry organization, and it'll look great on your GitHubs too!

Take a look at 📆schedule & 🔍information to see the current status of the project!