<----- What the server is about? ----->

DensityMC has been under development for a long time now, and it is with great pleasure that we can finally announce the release of DensityMC. DensityMC is a Survival Minecraft server with tons of extra features to further enhance your gameplay experience, whilst keeping the classic survival feel.

<-- Land Claiming -->

With the use of the powerful GriefPrevention plugin, every player can claim their own land to prevent other players from touching their buildings as well as their items. With a simple two-point selection using a selection tool, you can have your house protected in a matter of seconds! Every player starts out with an area of 300 blocks to claim. This amount will increase just by playing on the server.

<------ Clans ------>

Clans are a big part of playing on DensityMC. As PvP is enabled in the wilderness, having a clan can be critical when fighting against other clans! You can either create your own clan and invite your friends or you can join an existing clan! If you want to find a clan to join, visit our http://discord.densitymc.com server and ask if someone has a clan that you can join!

<------- Jobs ------->

Every player can sign up for jobs using the /jobs browse command. Jobs such as Builder, Miner, Enchanter, Fisherman and many more. Then you can earn money and level up within your profession, by executing different tasks depending on your field of work.

<----- Economy ----->

When playing on DensityMC, you earn money from different things (e.g. from jobs). You can spend this money on different things. One place to spend your money would be in the in-game shop, where you can buy and sell most items in any quantity.

<---- Rank Ups ---->

Another thing you can spend your in-game money on is new ranks! On DensityMC, you rank up using your player EXP and in-game money. When you have got the resources needed for the next rank in the ladder, you can use the /rankup command to rank up!

There are a lot of other things on our to-do list that is going to appear in the future, such as PvP, custom spells, vote rewards as well as a Creative server if everything goes as planned.