Currently, it is Fall/Winter in Detroit: Become Mythica. In Michigan, this means a descent into COLD! September to November are the chilly Autumn months with lots of beautiful foliage that is turning orange and red, but it is very short, since winter can sometimes come early in October. For the sake of consistency, the weather will be changing to the norms of October's appearance but with an even temperature of 50-60 F.

Oh, and Halloween and Thanksgiving still happen...though the definition of spooky is different in this universe (trick-or-treating is not quite as safe anymore...), and no one knows what Thanksgiving was about. Most people think it's just a good time to eat pumpkin/drink pumpkin [insert choice of beverage here], cook turkey, and buy warm clothes for the winter on top of preparing homes for winter.

The weather change will take place in whatever scene you have next, so then it won't be like characters will go into a shop when it's summer and walk out straight into fall.

In Jericho, conditions haven't improved, though with Markus and Simon's help, everyone should be able to have food through the winter. Winter is one of the most perilous times in Michigan, as average temperatures drop to about 25 F, and Jericho is the most vulnerable. Hopefully there will be work toward ensuring everyone is warm...

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