First things first, we identified and fixed an issue that had crept up as we worked on the user join flow. For a short period, users were being required to log into Discord Me to join servers- we never intended that and it has been fixed.

Beyond that, this past week we've been working hard on bringing in the new stats system. Our first focus is to show you day-by-day breakdowns of page visits, and joins. With this, you'll have a solid way to measure how successful your Discord servers’ pages are at attracting new members.

Our stats system is wrapping into what will be the new server management panel, which we'll be calling the 'Server Manager'. This is to bring everyone a more comprehensive way post updates, allow for more settings (for example, choosing whether to show online users), and, in the future, managing comments.

Update Notes

Here's the update notes up through the latest version. Keep in mind, this is the live build, and doesn't include work in progress changes.

  • patched a vulnerability that could be exploited to increase the likelihood of being the fastest bumper
  • fixed join flow issue that erroneously prompted users to sign into Discord Me
  • upgraded core system Discord Me runs on to the latest version
  • properly tagged server names on their pages to help search engines determine page structure more accurately
  • fixed issue where server suspensions could be circumvented by deleting and re-adding the server
  • updated navigation structure to be more search engine-friendly
  • fixed page titles on server posts
  • updated meta on page posts to improve sharing links where a link preview shows