Earning Money with Your Discord Server Community

Affiliate marketing is a simple method of making some residual income online. Basically you promote a product or a company, and every time someone makes a purchase because of your recommendation, you get a commission. One of the keys of affiliate marketing is having a community, because you need to have people who trust your opinion, and of course people to even see your opinion in the first place.

Since Discord servers are large, dedicated communities, oftentimes with a niche topic, the Discord.Me community can greatly profit from using affiliate marketing!

All you need to do, as a server owner, is decide on a few companies or products to promote, then create a channel called ‘Support Us’ or ‘Products We Recommend’ where you can post affiliate links. Or maybe you just sprinkle them in a conversation when appropriate.

It will help you a lot to use affiliate programs that relate to your server. If you’re a server for musicians, you can share links to your favorite sites for music lessons or music gear. If you’re a server about gaming, you can share links to online game retailers or specific computer parts on electronics store sites.

Affiliate marketing is easy to get into because it is risk-free. There is no upfront cost. Normally you need to be a blogger or a YouTuber to be successful at affiliate marketing, but Discord server owners already have a built-in community with a lot of trust, which is just as effective. Attributing your sales is done through unique referral links that you receive, and your payment is handled through the company you sign up for. And yes this is a legitimate practice – giant companies like Amazon, Target, GameStop, TripAdvisor, and more all offer affiliate programs. It’s like being a salesperson for those companies, but there’s no contractual obligation, and no inventory to hold onto. For all these reasons, Discord.Me has no issues recommending this as a potential way to support your server monetarily.

If you think your server can make some extra money through affiliate marketing, check out our project Affiliatron, a tool for discovering trustworthy and profitable affiliate marketing opportunities.