How to Become a Discord Partner

Becoming a Discord partner is probably a goal for most server owners. Being a partner gives you more customization options, high-quality voice channels, and of course an awesome Discord hoodie. But what does Discord look for in a partner, and how can you become one?

The first thing you need is an audience. The numbers vary depending on the platform, however. If you're a streamer, you need 10,000 followers and you must stream 4 times a week, with 100 concurrent viewers for Twitch and 50 for Mixer. YouTube channels must have 100,000 subscribers and 10,000 average views per video, at 2-3 videos per week. Reddit communities can be part of the fun too, with a requirement of 8,000 subscribers. The great thing about these requirements is that you can be a content creator or a community! If you use another platform, the requirements may vary, but you may as well try to apply.

You must be 16 or older to apply to be a partner, as well. Even if you meet the previous requirements, there is a certain standard that Discord wants to uphold. At the bare minimum, you should uphold the Discord Partners Code of Conduct.

You of course also need to be using Discord. That being said, your community doesn't have to be that large or active on Discord, as long as the main community is large. This seems kind of silly, to upgrade your Discord server even if you don't use it, but perhaps it is Discord's way of incentivizing content creators to use the service. Some partnered servers have reported getting partnership status with under 50 members, because their actual community is large.

So what's the secret to becoming a Discord partner? Well, it doesn't seem that hard! You don't need to do any more work outside of building your YouTube channel or Twitch stream, which is a relief after all the work it probably took to grow those channels.

Good luck getting partnered! While we can't directly help grow your community, we CAN help you grow your Discord server, and maybe even funnel people into your channel or Subreddit. Check out Discord Me's server promotion options to see if one fits your quest for Partnership!