The June So Soon Sale!

2020 was once a year that exemplified the future - chrome skyscrapers, flying cars, robot butlers. So far, 2020 has been far from that, and rather each week has said, “Hold my drink” to the previous week.

This year has also seen us spending more and more time at home and on the internet. Can you believe it’s already June? How many of you have completely forgotten about the last couple of months and spent the entire time playing games, watching TV, and keeping up with friends online?

As always, Discord Me is dedicated to connecting you with people who share your interests, and we know that you’re using Discord and Discord Me now more than ever. More and more people have discovered Discord as a new way to socialize and make friends as the landscape of our society changes.

With that being said, we’re announcing our June So Soon 15% off sale. From the 1st to the 8th of June, enjoy 15% off all Discord Me plans. It’s now that much easier to share your server with thousands of potential new members who are just waiting to find an awesome group of people to spend time with.

Go forth and enjoy your summer (or winter, Southern Hemisphere denizens), whether on the empty streets of your town or the crowded voice chat of your new favorite Discord server.