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Welcome to DragMC Server! Have fun!

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Welcome to DragMC Server! Have fun!

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Did I just hear you sigh as you’re looking for friends to play with? Well I am happy you’re here then, we, the Training Alliance Task Force are a large gaming community with the main objective to be as friendly as possible (with possible exceptions during banter). We have around 5000 members worldwide and are looking to expand the family. We aren’t some niche community that only accepts people from one game or maybe two; No we accept everyone, CoD to Slime Rancher, PC to Super Nintendo! So what are you waiting for? Come give us a try over at our discord and play some games with us and make some new friends! All the best The whole of TATF
close-knit community of degenerate memers, come await impending cosmic calamity with us!
Le serveur discord donjon mystère FR est un serveur en rapport avec la licence de jeu donjon mystère. Nous sommes des fans de cette licence. Nous avons donc créé ce serveur discord pour retrouver et discuter avec les autres fans de la licence ! Rejoiniez dès maintenant ! :3
The Sewer is a fine exporter of academic debate and intellectual discussion. As Academia continues to evolve, it is not always in lock-step with intellectually sound practices. Thus, the question of what role an academic community plays comes forward. And so we welcome you to our server where we attempt to foster a cerebral community built on a foundation of integrity, decorum and respect.
BRAND NEW COMMUNITY ~~ A non-toxic, positive, friendly & chill community of gamers looking for other gamers to game with. Tight-knit & wholesome/chill atmosphere. Events & Giveaways!
A memey wavy server for creators to hang. Get your work noticed, find game groups, dump memes, pick your roles, sing your heart out and win stuff! The New Wave is officially here.