Every day until the end of May (The 31st) we will be marking the leader board for the highest rank, so those who are behind know how many invites they will need to obtain.

In return for getting members, the highest number of invites will be granted for one month of Nitro Classic on my behalf. It will be PM’d to you as a gift as a token of appreciation for your duties!

To make it not unfair for us, we will make a bare minimum of 25 invites. Meaning if you want to obtain Nitro Classic (1 Month) you will need to get at least 25 invites. If the request is too hard, we will simply find a reasonable average for users' leverage.

Last but not least, fake accounts are not allowed. We will get noted on who’s inviting who, and if action is disobeyed, you will be disqualified from the contest! Alternative accounts as well.

We hope to do more of these contests later on in the year! Higher administration is not participating… -Matthew, Head of Management