In this thread, we will go over some of our core feature/script changes and additions. You can refer to our megathread here to get information on our public testing week, whitelisting information, and more!

Why Is This Happening?

There are many reasons as to why a server reset was necessary. Firstly, we are switching the OS to offer better performance for the server and our players. We are also replacing our hardware with a top-of-the-line equipment that should also help immensely with server performance. This change includes a database wipe. With this, all assets are being reset and replaced with new and unique features. The server has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. That means better performing scripts, advanced scripts, a ton more to do, etc.

What Can I Expect Feature-wise?

One of the most significant things you can expect is a total re-haul of the vast majority of our scripts, either re-done or completely new. From small script changes like our new trailer script to completely new core scripts, such as an entirely new character system, and a whole new inventory core script. Here are some in-depth examples.

Core Feature Changes

New, clean UI! Spawn points have been added, any train stations, bus stations, airports etc. are available for your character to spawn when you load into our server. Supports multiple characters!

New Inventory System + Supporting Scripts


A new inventory script is a staggering change from our previous droplist menu. Gloveboxes, better trunk script, a better weight system, and more! A new "F3" menu that changes based on your current jobset!

Cop Roleplay/ Progression Improvements + Cop Overhaul

AI K9 script Progression in emergency vehicles, (i.e, the more money your department has to spend, the better cars you can buy!) New MRPD New uniforms, liveries, duty belts, etc. Police Badge Script More features to aid investigations, such as serial numbers on guns Police/Mechanic impound lot to store criminal's cars for anything from parking violations to vehicle seizures.

Civ Roleplay/ Script Improvements

New store script that supports gun stores, gas stations, and more! Completely new and overhauled mechanic script Manage inventory stock of your store, outsource your work to others or do it yourself. Fully functional arcade with games like Uno! New pool minigame at bars New trucker job New mechanic script with scrapyard New dealership locations + new dealership script Fishing! New courthouse!

Criminal Roleplay/ Script Improvements

Weapon and item crafting Racing App House Robberies Bank Robberies Money Truck Robberies Player-owned drug labs New prison interior for expanded prison RP Car Robberies

EMS / Fire Overhaul

New EMS vehicles Updated pillbox medical Stretcher script to add realism Fully redone injury script. Players will sustain long-term injuries from things like fistfights, gunshot wounds, and more. This means EMS will deal with more than just downed players! New Firehouse

What Are The Biggest Changes Server and Community-Wide?

The Economy/Server Changes

Brand new economy More player-controlled markets Car insurance/ car storage fees More things to purchase DLCs

As the server progresses, the development team will work on releasing more content that is better suited for a server that's later into it's economy. You can expect DLCs to contain content such as new weapons, scripts, interiors etc. Our goal is to create a server that has a constant flow of content for it's playerbase.