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Elite Ranks - Undisputed No.1 Gambling Discord

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All welcome, but primarily for Destiny players. Deep Breaths is a group that was created to home those with mental, physical, and social disabilities/ailments. The group is not limited to playing just Destiny. If there is an interest in other games, just ask and see if there is an alike interest. This community is open to all platforms & timezones. Please read about the mission on the profile page located on Bungie.net. The clan is casual, but most rules are not. Thank you for your interest ahead of time.
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This Server is a New Made Dungeon Quest Community Server and we made it with hard effort. -Special Thanks to Leon the 2nd Owner who Thought me this game and Carried me further.
Hey, I´´ m awful, bin 15 Jahre alt und bin absolut trash in jedem Game. Außerdem laber ich die meiste Zeit nur Schei*e und hab nen riesengroßen Dachschaden. Außerdem streame ich auch auf Twitch aber das macht nichts. ---Twitch.tv/sec_awful--- Wenn du also Lust hast mich zu supporten, dann trete jetzt bei!