Get registered for our duo tournament on our website (link below). We play on Friday 17th of May and Sunday 26th, starting at 7:00PM UK time for a warm up and then kicking off the tournament at 7:30PM UK time. So the tournament will feature 2 nights of 4 games back to back! This time we've adopted the PUBG ESports points scoring system - meaning each position and each kill count to the OVERALL total.

Entry: Everyone is eligible to enter but your team is your team for the duration of the tournament. No subs! There is NO entry fee. Nadda. None at all!

Game style: We're going to play a total of 8 games over 2 nights per tournament. 1 game Sanhok, 1 game Vikendi, 1 game Erangel and 1 game Miramar per night. All of the games per night count in the overall tournament!

Get registered here!