We now require new members to be 16+!!!

Members already present and known to be active will not be removed from the server, but instead given the @Original Members role, gaining access to a category made for only that role.

Members that haven't been seen active here will be banned very soon, as well.

Currently, the age self-roles do not work, as the Carl-Bot page is not responsive. I will add the age roles again later on.

A new feature has been added to Elune: Support tickets! You may now open a ticket simply by typing {-ticket open name:text} . Get help using this feature by typing {-ticket help} in #bot-spam .

here is how using the ticket will go:

  • User opens a ticket using {-ticket open (reason-here)}
  • A new channel gets made in the "important" category
  • Permissions on that channel is set so that only ticket participants get access
  • User can also add more people to the ticket
  • User talks with the staff, posts evidence in attachments or links
  • When it's over, the ticket is closed and the channel will be deleted

Thank you for taking your time reading this!

Stay healthy! ~ Fir