The FBA MultiPurpose server is designed to provide a safe place for content creators to unite and work on a world together by collaborating content and helping develop a massive fictional world with any content they wish. This allows members to create their own special categories where they can create lore and even create their own custom roleplays based on their content under their complete control with moderate regulations by staff. This server seeks to allows its members to add all sorts of content to it making bigger and feature more things such as roleplay, art, 3d modeling, and many more fields to help build this community into something massive. This server features a verification system designed to stop bots and troll and our staff is on point ready to take down any trolls or bullies that try anything with our members, we provide adequate protection to our members from such users and will defend our server at all costs. We also offer custom roles and ability to have jobs on the server for specific things such as character creation, story writing, and much more be sure to speak to staff about specific roles you may want added to you or created for you. We offer a huge world filled with tons of lore that you can mold and edit and create to be your own making the world bigger and more customized.[Note that this server requires atleast a decent amount of activity remain in, inappropriate content will not be tolerated in any channel not explicitly marked NSFW, Troll/bullies will be banned on sight or once bad behavior is observed or reported to staff, users must be above the age of 12 years old to gain access or itll be a ban for TOS violation, Theft of content will not be tolerated and we will ban for it very quickly, this world belongs to us and may change entirely anything is subject to complete change and content may be scrapped entirely by joining this server you agree that we are not liable for any damages physical or mental or liable for any content you create that is up to you to handle with staff if it gets violated or stolen.]

Explanation of the FBA and its world: The FBA [Fireteam Basic Assaults] is a team discovered by Earth in 1945 by portal warfare between the United States and USS Montana during her conquest for revenge against the Japanese for sinking her, during the warfare many portals were opened into many different fictional worlds allowing many different threats to gain access to the real world. Upon discovery of this the FBA vowed to defend Earth and any of its fictional/nonfictional allies from all threats fictional and nonfictional and began work with allying with the ENI [Ethereal Nova Incorporated] which would go on to develop many key weapons and technologies that would make the FBA extremely powerful. Through the years the FBA has allied with many powerful allies from all sorts of fictional sources and has became the world's innocent civilian protectors having successfully saved many, however the battle between the US and USS Montana would rage on to present day plunging the world and the FBA with its allies into a stalemate bloody war of rapid tech advances as the US captures destroyed USS Montana's Army tech and FBA tech and turns it against them. Phaeton Security Company allied since 1945 begins creating monstrous vehicles in Minecraft repairbase E-III to aid USS Montana and the UNSC aids with pelican gunships and marines. The FBA has many allies from many different fictional universes and has became one of the most powerful forces discovered by man and will stop at nothing to defend the innocent and protect the world from anything that dares defy them. [The FBA, USS Montana and her army, and Phaeton Security Company are created by and belong to me, The UAC and any other content belongs to its respective creators and we take no credit for their creation however will create content with them but they still belong to their respective creators]