@here Patch v7.1 - Executive/Leadership Enhancements / Services Discord Merge Over! 2019-04-29 06:07

Our Services Discord server has now been successfully merged over to our official Discord server! ( This took over 9000+ clicks!! ) Clients will now connect directly to our official Discord moving forward.

  • Executives are now able to self assign themselves the latest Discord Role called [Contract Mode] When doing so will allow Executives to see a multitude of new additions to our official Discord that pertain to our services network and also be able to assign not only connecting clients to the proper department in which they've specified upon there connection ( As seen in the #reason channel ) but also the ability to assign any Agent on the server to an active contract channel!

  • Executives can now also self assign themselves to individual service permissions to help minimize unused service channels when not in use Note; When in [ Contract Mode ] Executives will be unable to view their own Corporation channel. Simply self-remove [Contract Mode] to return Discord to its standard look.

  • When in [Contract Mode] Executive will be unable to view the Recruitment Process steps ) Executives can simply assign themselves the Recruitment Role to view how our process has changed. Remove the Role to have all these steps disappear like magic!

  • Ceo's are now able to make direct #requests to any Executive officer alliance-wide

  • General connecting public, Directors & above can now view the #public channel

  • Executives now see the #reasons channel to help direct new members, allies and or clients to the proper department - [Contract Mode] Does NOT need to be enabled to view this channel however will be required in order to assign them to the proper department @here ( Continued ) - Patch v7.1 Executive/Leadership Enhancements / Services Discord Merge Over!

  • Executives should now have full access to the #secretary of defense channel & #security

  • Recruiters, Directors & above will now see #approvals pertaining to recruitment as they occur

  • Any Allys with us may now visit our official website to Authenticate without having to register an account

  • Active contract channels will no longer display the actual Contract number! Clients are now assigned to contracts channels listed from Alpha, Beta, Charlie up to Foxtrot

  • Mee6 Bot will now auto delete any and all information within all Services channels every 72hrs to ensure client confidentiality and to help elevate this demand on administration teams when a new client is located to the same channel

  • Connecting and leaving the official Discord server messages have been changed.

  • All links that directed clients, allies and or new recruits have been changed to direct here to our main Discord moving forward

  • The website now has a direct connect to Discord option for the general public

  • The website now has Teamspeak connection info listed within the article menu found within the Agent Panel > Communications menu in the event the direct connect option does not work for some users