@Helper staff application open Description: You will be promoted to "Helper" on course towards becoming a moderator. You will be required to meet and greet at least 50% of newcomers at this time but this requirement will decrease as the server grows. This number may seem high but it is flexible to suit you. You will also be required to provide assistance to as many people as you can that request it. If you are not active there is no point applying for this role.


  • Be active: Send at least 25 messages per day
  • Be friendly to all users
  • Have no ban/kick history
  • Be able to Invite as many people as they can to the server
  • Have a good personality
  • Be reliable
  • Must be enthusiastic about the server when talking to newcomers
  • Be helpful
  • Welcome as many newcomers as they can

What you will get:

  • A helper role with an exclusive colour for helpers
  • Exclusive access to a staff only channel

How to apply: Contact @Sebastian Castellanos through DMs telling them why you want to be a helper (Minimum 200 characters)