So you've stumbled acrossed my server's page from the millions of others on this site! Well let me tell you you're in the right place. I'm the owner of a growing discord-server, let me say, i love socializing with all the members of my server! Especially the active fellows around my server, i'm very friendly and understanding, willing to help with any issues you might be having! And the community of the server is no different as a community we can get you through anything, as long as you let us know what you need! Me as a owner of a discord-server, i've been around discord for a long period of time! And i'm hoping to make a difference in the discord-community with the discord-server i've started, i'd love to bring lots and lots of people together and help others make friends and meet new people, overall isn't that what discord is all about? Anyways with a brief introduction of me and a little bit about my community, i think the rest of the awesome server is up to you to discover therefor you better join to uncover the friendly journeys our server will face! We are all about gaming, chatting, and lots more, we support all types of genres. See you around the Severn!