1. Welcome Discord Channel This is the channel where your viewers will land. Welcome them to your server and assure them that they are in the right place. Direct them to the rules channel and let them know you are excited to interact with them in the future.

  2. Rules and Guidelines Set this channel up to serve two purposes. The first is obvious: write out the rules and guidelines of your server. Keep them similar to the rules on your stream’s channel. Let people know what will be allowed and what things will be bannable offenses. At the end of the rules, have people react to show that they’ve read them.

Set up the Reaction Roles bot to give people their initial roles to access the rest of your server. You can also set up reactions for people who stream, people who enjoy certain fandoms, etc. The options are as boundless as your imagination. 3. “Going Live” Channel Give people the option to mute this channel. Set up a bot or manually alert your followers when you begin your stream. This will help your loyal followers to tune in on time.

  1. Discord Channel for Announcements Use this channel for all announcements relating to your stream or brand. If you are leaving for a short vacation or are planning a 24-hour stream, let people know in advance. You can also use this channel to host giveaways or set up contests for your community.

  2. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Channel Over time, you will find that you are asked the same questions over and over. Here is one way to help combat that. As questions arise, list both the question and the answer in this channel. Though some people will ignore them and ask you anyways, many will use this as a source of information about you, your stream, and your community.

You can also use this (or another channel) to answer general questions about streaming or your set-up. Many of your viewers may aspire to be broadcasters themselves and will look to you for some guidance.

  1. Stream Team Posts Have a channel for any streamers that you collaborate with. Give them channel permissions and guidelines for what they can post and when. This will strengthen your relationship with them and other potential streamers may be more likely to collaborate with you in the future.

  2. General Discussion This should be an open channel for people to talk about all the things. While you will have channels for specific categories, it is nice to have a place where people can just chit-chat about everyday life.

  3. Discussions Related to Your Content If there are a couple of games that you generally play have channels for discussions relating to each of them. People can share tips and techniques, videos, and find friends to play with them. The same goes for any other kind of content. Not only will this generate conversation between your viewers, but you can also find information to strengthen your broadcasts by understanding what your viewers want.

  4. Suggestions For Future Streams/Improvement Have a place where people can leave you feedback about your streams or make suggestions for future streams. You can also use this channel to host polls for things your viewers would like to watch. Be gracious about the feedback and use it to your advantage.

  5. Fan Mail/Fan Art Wait until this channel is requested or until you have a very large following. One consistent thing about the communities of streamers and YouTubers is the amount of art created for and about them. Have a place for your viewers to show off their work and celebrate you!

  6. Discussions Related to Fandoms/Topics Whether you’re really into Harry Potter or classic cars, chances are that you’ve brought up certain topics multiple times on your stream. If so, create a channel to discuss it.

Alternately (or additionally), you can create a channel for memes related to the topic. I was once in a server with two fandom channels. One was LOTR-memes and the other was sub-par-LOTR-memes. Be creative and have fun with your viewers. 12. Introductions Create a channel where your viewers can introduce themselves to each other. Set up an example or ask specific questions to get the ball rolling. This channel will help your viewers interact with each other to strengthen your community.

  1. Selfies/Cosplay Have a place where your viewers can post selfies or pictures of them cosplaying. Make sure you detail any rules you have for this channel (i.e. no nudes) and the consequences for breaking rules. This is an especially good channel to have if you cosplay during your broadcasts. Frequently host costume parties or competitions to drive interaction.

  2. Meme Clips On the same note, you can have a room specifically dedicated to bloopers, game fails, and other memes from your channel. When videos aren’t available, they can post quotes. This will become part of your culture and traditions may be born out of them.