Hello my name is Janae and today I am going to be explaining and analysing my love for Drac, a kage within the Official Boruto Reddit Discord server.

I, an old member, am very in love with my dear Drac. He is kind, caring and he truly understands me for who I am. He is also very dominant and strong at times; Drac never disappoints me nor anyone else who is in Boruto server. Such a lovely man who deserves a young and lovely wife (me, Janae) I would be so glad and happy to take Drac’s hand into marriage and live with him till the day I die, as he is a one in a kind man who I have fallen in love with instantly.

No, I’m not going crazy. This love you see right now is indeed true, and I am blinded by his beautiful charisma when he speaks and types. Drac is a wild man, I can never control him nor his thirsty love. You might think this is cringe but my love for him has sparked ever since the first day I met him… The first day I saw him talk… The first day he replied and spoke to me. Ever since then, I knew and I loved him.

Maybe he isn’t really the man I have portrayed him to be, but that cannot be true. It simply cannot be. I understand and I KNOW Drac is who he says he is. I would never be fooled. If I am… then so be it… his blinding love has captured me and I will not run away from it aimlessly.. I will indulge in it! I will embrace it! For he is the only man in this server I shall give my heart and soul to.

Oh heavenly god, father from above, how could you be so generous to give me such a gorgeous man? How could you bless me with Drac, the male of my dreams, the alpha of my heart. You dare make me swoon in love; I am horrified yet happy… This power Drac holds is amazing! It’s incredible, but he has yet to unleash his true potential. What a dominant man the Lord almighty has given me! I will jump in joy, but be careful with fear; but what about thou would ever make me be fearful?! Nothing… Nothing!

Drac, such a kind man, yet he knows how to stick his ground. Oh, Drac. You would really choose to bless me with your outrageous figure? The beautiful way you speak to me? I’m falling so quickly! You must be sure to catch me though…

I am not ashamed nor am I frightened. I would love Drac in any place, in any way, in any shape. May we be in the supermarket, I would still jump on him and love him! I am not kidding; this love I am giving him is true! We’re meant to be. I would never give my man Drac to another immodest woman! He’s all mine, and I will treat him like a proper fine man. Anyone who dares to oppose me and Drac, by all means, will be gone and dead. They will be thrown into the gulag and never to be seen again, for they shall NOT even attempt to take Drac from me. I am the only woman he needs, the only woman he deserves. I shall be the only woman he WANTS! Do not test me and Drac’s relationship unless you want to be crawling on the floor and begging for mercy… but will I give it to you? NO! Such a threat will never be given mercy nor forgiveness; mark my words.

He moderates everyone like a true man should. Even when I misbehave, he punishes me. Never a hypocrite, but always polite and soft. He even apologises for warning me! LORD! Let me take this man home with me… I want to give Drac everything I own, everything I have to offer. It can all be his. People may belittle me or look down upon our love, but who can stop us? Who can tear down this strong bond both of us share? The answer is simply nobody. He loves me, I know he does… I can never doubt him. I know Drac has a spot in his heart for me, surely I take up most of his space in that young heart of his.