Welcome! Our goal here is to foster a community for lolita fashion lovers to relax and enjoy themselves. Fill out the questions pinned in #introductions to gain access to the rest of the server with enough detail for mods to be able to tell you're joining for appropriate reasons.

  1. Don’t be a jerk! This includes -Any form of bigotry -Criticism, when not constructive and not specifically requested -General active unpleasantness or drama (your own, other servers’, 4chan, etc.)

  2. Don’t be a lolita police! There are plenty of communities that work to stay as true as possible to the aesthetic; our goal is to have fun with the fashion, in whatever appropriate way that may be. With that in mind, please do not give con crit unless it’s requested.

  3. We’re a lolita server, please keep social/political discussions light. Absolutely no graphic NSFW or heavy social/political debates outside of the #adult-swim-archives 18+ hangout channel. If want access to #adult-swim-archives, you must have listed your age in your intro, been here at least two weeks, and be approved by a mod. Gotta make sure you’re chill, ya feel?

  4. Don’t save or upload other users’ content without their express permission. This includes media AND conversations. We take this very seriously, violations of this rule will usually result in a ban.

  5. Read the channel descriptions and follow channel specific rules. Descriptions are pinned for mobile users. You may lose access to channels such as #adult-swim-archives and #tantrum-hole if you repeatedly misuse them.

  6. For community comfort, this is a 16+ server, as we lean towards an adult population. If your level of maturity repeatedly becomes an issue after being warned, you may be kicked regardless of listed age.

We do not under any circumstance allow or support ageplay, pedophilia, DDLG, etc. Please keep our community free of babytalk, child-like RP, etc.