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Welcome All Respectful Gamers/Minecraft Economy/1.16.2 PC Java IP Players! (VR support) PSA:Discord can be obviously used for more then minecraft. Community members stream/play various games all the time 😋 A community that moderates and will stand for its community members 😤💯
A quality FiveM server that is sure to please! Our #1 priority is to make the RP we offer more immersive and more in-depth than ever before.
THC Networks is a gaming network with multiple servers on a variety of games with more in development. Come hang out for a chill, fun, and exciting experience.
A roleplay server where many different kingdoms exist and one can roleplay as any kind of character, other franchises too. Evil, Good, and Neutral kingdoms, which one will you be in? or will you be a lone traveler? 💠 Characters from all franchises are allowed! 💠 Craft your own stories!
**WE ARE AN 18+ SERVER** An RP server focused on low fantasy mid-late Tudoresque court intrigue. Currently, there is only one kingdom unlocked but as the community grows we have 3 more kingdoms. The current kingdom is Endora which would be European influenced, each duchy has some influence from European countries. Positions of count and baron are available in a few duchies. We are thinking of expanding the number of counties and baronies opening more of those positions. It is low fantasy as there are some mages, but they are few, only 4 allowed per kingdom and they are part of a secret organization so they aren't walking around throwing fireballs at one another. We have regularly scheduled events and are LGBTIQA+ friendly. Supportive staff willing to work with those just starting out in RP. We are an 18+ community.
Redd's Market is a place to hang out with other Animal Crossing players and we are sure speaking to the right people could easily gain you some hard to get items ;)