We lost lots of members the past few months and now we strike back!!! Our server seem to be a success and I am still trying to improve it and make it more entertaining. It would be nice if you'd join and send us some feedback it'll mean a lot to me. :D

We have different kinds of channels where you can chat with your friends, catch pokémon, waifus, husbandos... or even marry your favorite waifu with mudae bot!!! We also have a few NSFW channels where things can get very naughty ;D look for yourself if you'd like. We're doing daily qotd's and tournaments with different kinds of themes! You can write down your own tournament ideas in our channels that we provide for you. Oh! But don't forget to get your roles in our reaction roles channel, else you won't get notified when a tournament takes place.

Well I guess this was basically it. Hope I could satisfy you just a bit! ^^