Halloween Horror Nights

Fan community dedicated to following and discussing the Halloween Horror Nights events that take place at Universal Studios' theme parks all over the world. We welcome park-goers, Horror fans, and Haunt enthusiasts alike.

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Fan community dedicated to following and discussing the Halloween Horror Nights events that take place at Universal Studios' theme parks all over the world. We welcome park-goers, Horror fans, and Haunt enthusiasts alike.

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Some house announcements recently in regards to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando & Hollywood!

Universal Monsters: Legends Collide! It will feature Dracula, The Mummy, & The Wolfman! MORE ANNOUNCEMENTS TO COME!

WHAT WE KNOW For Hollywood

  • Select nights between Sept. 8th - Oct. 31st
  • 8 haunted houses / Terror Tram / Scare Zones / a live show

WHAT WE KNOW For Orlando

  • Select nights between Sept. 1st - Oct. 31st

Tickets are available for both on their respective websites!

Spec Season & Orlando Dates - Mar. 23rd, 2022

There's a lot that happened not only with the server but also with the event of Halloween Horror Nights itself. To keep it simple, here's a few bullet points.


  • The server name changed from Universal Horror Nights to Halloween Horror Nights.


  • Orlando dates have been revealed as "Sept. 2nd - Oct. 31st" via Orlando Informer on Twitter. Tickers are on sale now.
  • R&B/Pop artist The Weeknd is speculated to get his own house this year, as well as Netflix's Fear Street, and Evil Dead.
  • Construction has been all over both coasts, from sprung tents to lumber for new set pieces and crews working in sound stages.

If you want to discuss this and more, feel free to come through in the server! Things are really heating up for HHN 2022!!!!

The Off Season - Dec. 29th, 2021

Happy almost New Year for all! It's been some months since HHN occurred, hope everyone had a good time in the fog!

Right in the Universal Horror Nights Discord we're taking it easy by keeping up with general Universal news/updates and Horror news. We also just finished a contest!

We invite anyone who is excited for the upcoming year of HHN or just psyched for Haunt season in general to come on over!

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