Halloween Horror Nights

Fan community dedicated to following and discussing the Halloween Horror Nights events that take place at Universal Studios' theme parks all over the world. We welcome park-goers, Horror fans, and Haunt enthusiasts alike.

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Fan community dedicated to following and discussing the Halloween Horror Nights events that take place at Universal Studios' theme parks all over the world. We welcome park-goers, Horror fans, and Haunt enthusiasts alike.

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JACK IS BACK! - June 21st, 2021

Recently it was announced that Universal Studios' Orlando would be returning Halloween Horror Nights this year and has been making little announcements here and there such as the Beetlejuice maze returning. But now the Icon of this year's event has been announced to be none other than Jack The Clown! We invite any and everyone to come on through to server to talk about and speculate future announcements!

  • We have updated the server be a more straight-forward channel layout.
  • We have updated the perks of the R.I.P. Tour role (Server Booster role)

HHN30 is upon us!

Hello all, Server Owner Gummi here! It's been quite some time since the last post update. Apologies for this! Let's get right down to it, shall we?

It has been recently announced that Universal Studios Orlando is going to be going through with having the Halloween Horror Nights event this year! We invite any and all folks interested in speculating or just keeping up with the news and rumors, we highly encourage to come through! Some new things are coming to the server very soon in the way of adjustments, so stay tuned for those as well!

New Channel layouts! - Nov. 21st, 2020

Hello all, server owner Gummi here with yet another update post for the Universal Horror Nights Discord! We have made some notable changes this time to the channel layout and the way the roles are displayed!

TL;DR - The "Horror Nights" category is now gone, this is because Halloween Horror Nights is over for now as Universal Resorts focus more on the Holidays! HHN channels still exist, their just right by the normal chatting channels but not in the way at all! Universal & HHN update channels are also side-by-side now as well! / The Moderation team now all display right by each-other in a "Staff" role, we also plan on making some leveled roles that come with their own perks! / The info-and-rules channel has also had some fix-ups!

  • The previously made "Horror Nights" category that was dedicated to the event has been dismantled for the season as Universal Resorts focus more on the Holidays. The HHN chats are still on the server just moved around. HHN-Updates and Universal-Updates are side-by-side with the main HHN-Chat below it. The HHN-Socials page is right below the What-Is-HHN channel in the Info category.
  • The Moderators and Admins of the server previously were split but now display all together in a uniform Staff role!
  • We're contemplating putting in some leveled roles via the MEE6 bot to hopefully increase activity and to earn small perks in the server! Nitro Boosting will immediately give you access to all the perks!
  • The info-and-rules channel previously had some grammatical and technical errors that have now been fixed! (technical in the way that the images didn't load)

That's all for now, thanks for checking in with us!

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