New Online Village Platform

Greetings Shinobi !!!! ☯️ Guess what !!!!! ☯️ Our village website & clan platform has launched & is up and running !!!!(Naruto style XD)👀

-Checkout updates & comment or post in forum☯️ -Become a clan member to have access to chat directly in discord server from website, video uploads, file upload & sharing🎥 -By signing up & joining the clan you will give you access to the @Hidden Gamer Ninja badge in the village asswell as an unique website badge on your profile in clan platform📣

-Post & keep your profile up to date in Clan Member page platform so others can check out what a great shinobi you are & that you can check out others ,so follow your fellow shinobi !!!👥 PS (its not stalking haha its called reconnaissance ) :) -Checkout social media page for great content that I post from ingame photography, art & gameplays🎨 -Need help / guidence / advice then just use the website chat plugin & im sure we will get back to you and help however we can💬

So go check it out & like always have fun and stay the great shinobi you are !!! Sincerely @The lead Ninja ☯️