Home By The River Update 5

The community has now grown to 11 members!

These updates apply to both the demo and full versions of the game:

-I’ve added a Sigil Corp droid swarm that comes at 10pm every night. The swarm will get a bit bigger each night. The player has a lightning rod that will turn on when droids are nearby and you can then click on the droids to destroy them. You can also build walls and the droids will lose their health as they destroy the wall tiles. Good fun in LAN co-op! -I’ve added sky nodes! You can fly around on your hoverboard and collect these. Every player across network will receive money, exp and spirit when one player collects. I think it is a good option to have so that any player who isn’t too into farming can still have fun and contribute to the team. -I’ve started making the town of Awa, it is on the left side of the world. The first place to visit is the Rivermen Lodge and you can talk to the Master Riverman. There’s also the first fetch quest which you can do by clicking on the bulletin board in the Rivermen Lodge. Over time I’ll be adding more locations and NPCs to the game!

This applies to the full version of the game only: -The droid swarm can only be stopped by donating technology to the world and removing the global influence of the Sigil Corporation.

Future development -I’ll keep on expanding the town and adding more NPCs and quests. -I’ll add a new tile so the player can upgrade their lightning rod. The upgrade should affect area of effect and damage. -I need to make more droid types with different appearance and health. -I want to add a boss droid that comes when the player removes the influence of Sigil. In revenge the Sigil Corporation will send a tough droid that will aim to demolish everything the player has built! -Over time I aim to keep on adding dishes from all around the world to the game. -Investigate having a laptop from which you can check the news today. You can also create social media posts that expose the Sigil Corporation, but doing so also costs you some of your hidden stat. Maybe from your computer you can also play a hacking mini game to restore your hidden stat. -Investigate global commodity pricing. You can see what is in demand from your laptop. Prices at the trading terminal will be affected by global pricing. This will mean that sugar is not always the most valuable commodity and it will keep changing. -Investigate basic terrain generation and perhaps terraced grass tiles. -Investigate a mini game for gaining back the Hidden stat fast. -Investigate making an opening cut scene for the game.

Thanks for dropping and do consider joining the Discord and becoming part of a new beautiful game!