Home By The River Update 6

You move out here to hide, but hiding isn't good enough. These updates apply to both the demo and full versions of the game: -Thanks to StarlightRemix for making awesome soundtracks for HBTR! All soundtracks in the game are now original works by StarlightRemix. -Holding down left shift and then left clicking/dragging will build a solid wall immediately. Both background and foreground layers are filled in. This makes construction much more fluid and is also great for building defence drone walls fast. -You now get a gift box added to your inventory for every 12 tiles placed. You can open the gift box from your inventory and see what random item you get! -Your pet now talks from time to time and may give you some prompts on what you can be doing. -I’ve added a second tougher drone. Drones will demolish the entire plant or tree when they contact a plant or tree tile. I’ve added a warning dialogue that appears at 2pm on the first day that tells the player that a drone swarm will come every night at 10pm. -You can now place a defensive wall tile that will do considerable damage to any drone that demolishes the wall. It is just like a wall/floor etc. tile and it is the very first tile in the construction menu. You can place them in the background and foreground for maximum damage against drones. -I’ve added a lightning rod workbench so the player can now upgrade the power of their lightning rod! -I’ve made hoverboard pulse modules more expensive with each upgrade. It was too easy to max out the hoverboard. -Commodities now have a demand attribute so sugar is no longer the most valuable commodity. The demand of a commodity fluctuates and its value follows that demand accordingly. This makes trading with the trading desk more interesting and all commodities have their own worth I think. -Whenever you use an object in game such as the stove, the game will now autosave. This will help prevent players losing progress. The autosave won’t happen if there are drones about. I didn’t make autosave time based otherwise you would experience momentary lag every time the game autosaves. -I’ve added trash to the game and the player has to remove trash to reduce pollution. Currently only a newly started game will see trash. -I’ve completely rewritten the pollution system to make it more interesting and involved. Pollution is now the combination of; dead trees, trash, coal power, and lack of living trees. If you use the pollution monitor the report that comes up is completely different and I’ve tried to make it clear how much each type of pollution is contributing to your total pollution in world. -I’ve added weather effects to the game and gotten rid of the old clouds. Now the polluted world looks a lot more interesting with the animated fog. There is lightning in the background as well which adds to the atmosphere. When the world is clean you will have random weather, and it can start to rain and there will be lightning as well. This was quite interesting to add to the game. -Now all items you have will show up in your inventory. Previously I only showed items that you could eat or drink but now I show everything. You click on non consumable items in your inventory and a dialogue will pop up telling you more about that item. -I’ve made soda give more energy but now it will cause a small loss of spirit as well. Previously I would just keep on drinking soda and keep on building :). Now I have to better manage my stats. -Study shelf now gives exp to the player faster and drains energy faster. Using a vending machine and water dispenser also now give a point of exp. -Fixed damage to Sigil drone bug. The same drone was not being damaged across the network resulting in a mismatch of drones between host and clients. This is fixed now and I’ve also added a small HUD that shows how many drones are currently in the world. It appears when there are drones.