FFD mainly was created to help those new to Division 2, we still here to help with builds in PvE and PvP, raids, legendary runs, levelling and anything you can think of, we now have expanded to other Games such as ( GTA5, Outriders, RDR2 and much more) and have members across all platforms and across the world, we have a Division2 clan on PlayStation, PC and Xbox .We are recruiting players for GTA on Xbox and PC that would like to help us out expand it if you think you can please join us and contact the leader for more info. The server has everything you could need to help you, from games! We have a section for new streamers as well to help you come and check us out Come join us and our mission to help the gaming and streaming community! We are not just Division exclusive either, and we want to hear all about the games you are playing! We hope to see you soon! We don’t tolerate toxicity in our server if we see this will immediate kicked, if you had enough joined those servers feel free to join us, we guarantee you that we are 100% friendly and we are LGBTQ friendly, we all a Big Family.