Hey everyone!

After months of making this project, I'm finally glad to announce that our HTTYD roleplay is released! This means that you can verify your dragon OC in #꒰?꒱oc・verification and be accepted or refused. If so, you will be moved to #꒰☀꒱oc・discussion and see what are the wrong points. You can use your own OC introduction, there is no obligation at all. Before verifying, please go read #꒰?꒱rp・rules・and・info, you will find the prohibited dragons as well as the lore. And more explanations Lastly I would like to thank you all for your support by chatting, participating to events (like the one just above), boosting, VCing, etc. that means a lot to us! If you find any problems, any bugs/glitches, if you want to give your ideas about this new roleplay, be sure to tell us in #꒰?꒱suggest. Have a great day/night everyone and sorry for the ping but it's one of the rare big updates to the server!