Official Bot Of Illusionist Discord Server. It's for multipurpose such as Moderation, fun, music, reddit, memes, emojis, translation, checking server informations, Creating todo lists, etc. We will be adding more features as we reach more servers and all are free!!You can also join our server

HERE ARE THE COMMAND LIST: [You May Type: 'i!help' before any command name to get usage]


2048 - Play 2048 wumpus - play wumpus tictactoe - play tictactoe with the bot rps - play rock paper scissors teams - create your team with others poll - create a poll tally - tally a created poll toss - toss hangman - play hangman game minesweeper - play minesweeper game


covid - get all latest Covid19 statistics


calc - calculate any formula (e.g. i!calc 2^2+1)


emoji - type 'i!help emoji' for all sub commands under this one


ascii - Convert any test to ASCII format (e.g. i!ascii hi how are you) ball8 - Ball8 (e.g. i!ball8 when I'll me millionare?) choose - Picks random one thing from two (e.g. i!choose Tea|Coffee) dadjoke - returns a very funny joke dice - Rolls a dice (e.g. i!dice 3 6) joke - returns a joke l2g - searches on l2g (i!l2g how to draw) react - Reacts on the previous message whatever the text you type (e.g. i!react Good) regional - Converts Text To Emojis (e.g. i!regional Hi) space - Adds Space on each characters you type (i!space hello) textflip - Flips the text (e.g. i!textflip Hello) timebomb - Plant A Timebomb (e.g. i!tb 10) vowelreplace - Replaces the vowels of the text with space (e.g. i!vowelreplace Who are you)


ban - Bans a member, usage: i!an @member deafen - Deafens a member, usage: i!deafen @member kick - Kicks a member, usage: i!kick @member ban - bans a member, usage: i!ban @member purge - Can delete the whole channels message, no limits (e.g. i!purge 1000) setnickname - sets the nickname of a member, usage: i!setnickname @meber nickname undeafen - undeafens a member, usage: i!undeafen @member


cat - random cute cats funny - random funny things meme - random memes aww - random cute things dog - random dogs panda - random pandas pandagif - random panda gifs chemistry - random chemistry gifs physics - random physics gifs weather - random weather images flower - random flowers parrot - random cute parrots wallpaper - random wallpapers Music:

play - play a song (e.g. i!play Something just like you) join - joins a channel you are in stop - stops the current playing musics clear - clears the playlist skip - skips the current song minskips - set the minimum skip votes needed to skip a song (e.g. i!iminskip 3) pause - pause the song resume - resume the song playlist - get the current playlist status - current playing song name volume - set bot volume 0 to 100


channelinfo - get all ingo about the channel inviteinfo - get all invites on the channel serverinfo - get all info about the server myinvites - check how many people you have invited in total


todo - Create a ToDo list, type: i!help todo for all sub commands in todo


translate - translate anything, type: i!langlist for all supported languages (e.g. i!translate en আমি)


bcreator - who created the bot help - all commands list info - info about the bot inspire - get a random inspirational quote welcome - welcome a user ping - check the ping

and many more if you help us grow and support our Official Discord Server Illusionist:

some more bot feature that are only available on our server:

  1. Auto Memes Posting by our bot
  2. Invite Tracker
  3. Direct Message to Welcome a user on join
  4. Direct Message to ask for joining again on the server (only if user are in on another server that bot is already in)
  5. etc Have a nice day