Hi guys! We've decided to host a 1v1 league tournament! Sadly it's only for EUW : ( sorry NA gang. Also it is level 50+ only to prevent smurfing. Keep reading to find out more! So it'll happen on the 15th of march. Time will be announced fairly shortly. We have created two brackets where ranks will be separated. The first bracket is iron-gold players. Second bracket is plat to master players. Based on your highest rank, you will be put in a bracket by us. It will be an aram 1v1 where you will play best of 3 matches against another player. The first 2 shall be mirror matches where you both play a champ that yourself and the other chooses (No bans). The third one will be the deciding match for tie breakers where you can play whatever champ you would like. You also have the choice of banning one champ for the tiebreaker. The win conditions are either: First blood First to 100 cs First tower. The winners of each bracket will receive a small prize of £10 each; funded by me and Zeke. Much thanks to everyone participating and to Zeke for his donation :peepoPANTIES: Goodluck everyone!