Good afternoon all, update to v3.5 ready for users! Thanks all for help with testing the update!

Update to v3.5:

  • added io?daily for economy
  • updated giveaway, check it in io?help giveaways or start giveaway now! Use io?gwstart <duration> <price> 🎉
  • added case for all moderation commands
  • all changes on server are in log channel, eg. slowmode etc.
  • added io?unban
  • added io?hide
  • added io?show
  • fixed io?kick
  • better moderation commands - kick, ban, lock, unlock and other
  • more changes in moderation commands
  • deleted io?embed (doesnt working)
  • and more

This update may seem easy, but it's not!

  • Also, thanks for @SB | Clay who help me with testing giveaways on private server, and help me with giveaway design!

  • Btw, i dont add the leave system because i dont have slots for more commands! Sorry everyone!

  • Vali