I don't know exactly what goes here, but I guess I'll add more info about the server!

This server started sometime mid-January this year and we've grown to almost 30 members. Here is what the famed "release schedule" looks like right now (DiscordMe isn't showing non-paragraph line breaks for some reason):

January 14 | Papir - 7 // psychedelic rock, post-rock, ambient, progressive rock January 14 | Garcia Peoples - Dodging Dues // psychedelic rock, indie rock February 4 | Animal Collective - Time Skiffs // neo-psychedelia, experimental pop ------- coming up ------- March 20 | Liang Yiyuan - Thing Loses Itself // Chinese traditional, avant-garde April 1 | Gnod - Hexen Valley // noise rock April 8 | Archive - Call to Arms & Angels // -- April 22 | Spiritualized - Everything Was Beautiful // neo-psychedelia May 20 | Laddio Bolocko - '97-'99 // noise rock [Archive] May ? | Kikagaku Moyo's final album // -- ??? | King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Made In Timeland // --

There are some other lists: "2022 all releases", "2022 singles & EPs" and a currently empty list for non-psychedelic releases. As said in the description for the server, anyone can contribute to these lists. There's a role '@list editor' for people who can change the lists directly, but there's also a submissions channel where you can suggest releases, channels, announcements and emojis. The whole thing is very democratic. The channel #server-ideas is where I continually post small changes to the server and seek feedback.

Though new releases are a big part of the server, that's by no means the only focus. The server is for psychedelic and weird music in general, and you may find some surprising stuff here. The next thing I'm working on is a channel called "resources" or something like that where I'll have links to underground music labels and blogs, and possibly other stuff too.

The other day I added a role for "important updates" that adds to each user automatically as they join the server, but I set up an easy way to remove the role if you don't want such updates (through carl-bot). It replaces @everyone for people who hate getting @everyone. Of course, I never use @everyone and there was never a problem with it to begin with, but I want to make sure members can adjust how they interact with the server to meet their needs and wishes.

Okay that's all for now, thanks for reading and think about joining!