Isle of the Forgotten

We are a semi-literate, semi-realistic wolf roleplay set in a partly fictional rendition of Iceland post-nuclear warfare.

Rules ▼

While Isle of the Forgotten prides itself on being a pretty lax community, we do have a couple of rules in place to make sure the happiness and fluidity of the game is at its peak. Disobeying these rules will be met with certain consequences depending on the offense.

Activity is expected to be within a week or so of needing to post, though we prefer sooner than that if possible! If you're not going to be able to keep up with posting, that is fine, but do not get upset if others have moved on with different stories in your absence.

There will be absolutely NO tolerance for bullying, racism, homophobia, or any type of shaming in any form. This is a safe space for all races of people, genders and gender identities, and furthermore any LGBTQA+ people.

We are more concerned about quality over quantity here. While it is important to provide enough of a response in your posts for the other person to go off of for themselves to reply back to you, it is not necessary to post 500+ words. As long as your grammar and punctuation are for the most part readable and easy to understand, you're good.

As far as realism goes, we would label this roleplay as semi-realistic. There are no powers, extra appendages, jewelry etc. allowed, but we do accept different eyes colors and fur patterns. If you're not sure that your character fits the guidelines, feel free to ask!


You're going to want to review the rules in our Discord! Once you do that, you can copy and paste this form and either post it in the lobby or send it to Ellevee. Once that is complete you can begin creating your character OR linking your current one to our bot! This enables you to post AS that character with their name and pictured displayed conveniently.

YOUR NAME/NICKNAME: what we should call you!
YOUR AGE: this is not necessary if you are a minor
YOUR PRONOUNS: not necessary, but helpful for some!
YOUR EXPERIENCE ROLEPLAYING: years/time spent roleplaying, where you first started, etc


THE SCENE IS SET SIX YEARS after the alleged fall of mankind. Rage and divided mindsets caused them to release their most powerful weapons in an attempt to destroy what was left of one another. While the terror and tragedy ravaged most of the world, Iceland seemed to oddly be left at peace. The bombs managed to never reach paradise, though, there were soldiers who came and tried to find the small population of humans that did make their home here.

WHILE THOSE PEOPLE HID, the aggressors decided it was in their interest to leave the barren land in order to fight elsewhere. The wolves that had been reintroduced a year prior to the chaos as part of an effort to help the endangered species continued to thrive even more in the absence of humans. They survived the bombs going off, but, in the coming years after this, they developed some oddity hues and designs to their eyes and coats. This is believed to be due to the ocean winds carrying fragments of radiation to the isle of the forgotten.