I invite you to become a mutant, it has great benefits.

The Rules of our server are as Follow

  1. racism I'm strictly against this, no saying referencing, the n-word You will be Banned This includes Your bio And Name We do not Discriminate here.

  2. be nice to each other have banter But don't be a dick

  3. no graphic images of people being hurt For example dead body's Or Gruesome Wounds

  4. please don't Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam

  5. No Jake paul just Don't

  6. don't talk about fight club

  7. don't break rule 7

  8. read rule one again

  9. Subscribe To my YouTube channel

  10. you have to supply me with top quality memes

  11. if someone is in jail you have to shame them for what they did

  12. don't ping people more than 3 times in An hour Unless it's Urgent or important this includes me

  13. need anything You can DM on here or twitter

  14. No anime Posting anime will result in getting Yeeted off a cliff This is a joke

  15. no spoilers Check if everyone has seen what your talking about

  16. Follow my socials

  17. @High Council Give a reason For why they have been banned or jailed For example, Look in the Bookshelf Write in the book Billy Said the n word and told the mods to go Fuck themselves Ban And make note of what he Said

  18. Don't leave and re-join if you end up in jail this will Result in a ban if you use alts to get back in the server This will result in a ban