Public Mint Date

The Public Mint of Jar Jar Bunny NFT Collection is LIVE!!! We notice most projects in the market don’t reveal the artworks until all of their NFTs are sold out which causes some disadvantages for their holders:

  1. Holders might not be satisfied with the artworks of the NFTs they bought. Recently, some projects are even called to be “comically bad”.
  2. The prices drastically drop after the reveal as many buyers only aim for short-term profits.
  3. As a result it also affects the aesthetics standard in the NFT market.

We hope to build a healthy community and value all our members/holders, and we are proud of the artworks of Jar Jar Bunny Collection, we want you to be able to choose from what you pay for, to make sure you like the artworks that you are spending money on, so we do not hide our artworks for minting! We list on Rarible and after you buy the NFTs, it will be minted on the blockchain and will appear on every platform in the market (Rarible, OpeanSea etc.)

Mint Site -

Mint price - ETH 0.065

NFT Standard - ERC-721

Happy minting everyone!