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Welcome to Jimmy's Jockstrap! Our main focus is on socialization, gaming, and engagement through community driven events through media.

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Welcome to Jimmy's Jockstrap! Our main focus is on socialization, gaming, and engagement through community driven events through media.

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September Events (Revised)


Date & Time (EST) Event Name Organizer Everyday @ 9:30AM Coffee Hour Jimmy Jockstrap Wednesday @ 9:00PM Raft Playthrough Jimmy Jockstrap Thursday @ 9:00PM Muck Playthrough Jimmy Jockstrap Friday @ 9:30PM Hardcore Minecraft Gauntlet (PvE Only) Jimmy Jockstrap Saturday @ 12:00PM Icarus BETA Weekend Jimmy Jockstrap Saturday @ 9:30PM Jackbox Party Pack & Scribl.io Jimmy Jockstrap 9/28/2021 All-Day New World Launch Party Jimmy Jockstrap

New World Company: Gravity Rebirth

We are starting to see a large group form in our New World segment of the discord. We are excited for the launch of new world and hope to see many of you join!

Saturday's Jackbox Party Pack Games!

Had a big turnout and some really funny tee-shirts made from TKO! Hope to see more members in our next run (:

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