» Contract Host: Valeria Vázquez (née García)

» Contract Type: target tracking, assassination and body disposal

» Location: Australia, Sydney

» Contract Status: OPEN

» Reward: $130,000 (AUD)

» Description: the tale of Bonnie and Clyde lived on with Mr and Mrs Vázquez. They were living a successful life as bank robbers in Mexico and enjoyed their riches throughout their 12-year marriage. Unlike the Bonnie and Clyde, however, it did not end with their violent deaths, but with Mr Vázquez's infidelity and ultimate betrayal. Without Mrs Vázquez's knowledge, he'd fallen in love with an Australian tourist by the name of Charlotte Kelly and since his desire to live the rest of his days with her was strong, he'd exposed Mrs Vázquez's crimes for the sake of witness protection. He now resides in Sydney, Australia, enjoying beach days and fishing trips with his new wife. Our client, on the other hand, has been rotting in Santa Martha Acatitla prison due to his betrayal.

Considering that Mrs Vázquez does not know the targets' exact location, she'll be paying you a very generous fee upon the job's completion for the extra trouble of tracking them. However, you must follow our client's additional instructions to collect your reward - make sure you inform the targets that she sends her warmest regards, and then give them the classic Sydney send-off after you've eliminated them.

» Additional Information: if you are unaware of the Sydney send-off, it was a common disposal method by criminals throughout the 1920-30s where they would dispose of the victim's body in Sydney Harbour's waters. Mrs Vázquez has joked about how she's a fan of such traditions. After all, how many opportunities do you get to give a traitor such a timeless departure?