» Contract Host: Bogart Fyshmin

» Contract Type: assassination

» Location: Morgan City, Louisiana, USA

» Contract Status: OPEN

» Reward: $315,000 (USD)

» Description: the Bayou is home to all manner of secrets and funny little happenings that don't always get reported outside that small world they come from. A lot like life under the Table, them swamps and the songs those people play get a gripping hold on a person. To come from the swamp is to come from a place where the light ain't been seen in some time. You get used to the dark things, accustomed, even a bit appreciative of it all things considered. Ol' Gerry ain't no bit different there. Spent his whole childhood and teen years talkin' about how he'd never come back to the Bayou after he got out. And boy did he get out. Law school, fancy city businesses, trips overseas, he'd done the whole nine yards.

But he never really left. Morgan City ain't no big place, and it sure as shit ain't far from home. People 'round here still remember the things he done way back. To us, to our family. This contract ain't got no political goals or pretense like that. This is a town gettin' together to ask that a stain of ours be wiped off the face of the Earth. A cleansing of shame.

» Additional Information: Gerry managed to become Mayor of Morgan City, which really ain't surprisin' given the last Mayor... he's hostin' a party for all his business associates and common scum on his property on the Bayou's edge in the south of the city. We're lookin' to settle a score, not send a message, so collateral damage and loud flashy murder ain't gonna get the pay we're puttin' up. We're lookin' for a clean, preferrably untraceable kill, so get creative.