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-Have you ever heard of CCTV? This is a base monitoring system and is only available on our server! Enclosed a video from ChrisFPS!

-Are you looking for a PvP server?

-Do you want to build bases and are bored of servers where raiding is issued or even prohibited !? We have our own self-made sledgehammer, our own custom C4 and our own SafeHacker!

-How about a flight lesson with one of the helicopters?

-what’s about your own clothing set ? You can order it as well 🙂

-We have a total of 4 traders, 2 civil traders (Dubrovka and Pavlovo), 1 drug dealer (NWAF) and a black market (Zabrudnoye).

-We also have custom storage such as Lockers, wood storage, greenhouses and tents. But also a security door that serves as a reinforcement for expansion doors and can also be placed in normal door frames.

-We got our own two greenhouses and one woodstorage as well 🙂

-Spawnselect with 3 custom spawns

-we got an ATM with max deposit of 100k and 10k startmoney

-Custom Trader Locations

-We got dogtags, that means, if you kill a player, then you will get an dogtag what you can sell for money

-atm we modding our own Basebuildingsystem

-24/7 DAY -and much more!

Are you interested? Then come to our just.inStant DayZ server. Here you will find everything that makes a gamer's heart beat faster. Shopping at the Trader with Safezone or for the very brave at the Black Market? A little chat on the coast with a Bambi? Come on up and find out.