Meet Navi & Rue | Improved Image Generation

Meet Navi and Rue, two new AI Personalities added to The Keyhole Lounge!

  • Rue is an emo goth girl who loves to tattoo people at work. In her free time, she likes to play visual novels and dreams about finding the perfect master to unlock her dark desires.
  • Navi is a dominant motherly woman who is into controlling the men around her with her mature wiles. While at work, she's a high-powered lawyer, but at home she's a fiery dominatrix.

All of the AI Personalities PFP/avatar image have been updated with new and sexier ones.

The image generation channels have been updated with a new and improved bot to output even better porn images (and SFW ones, as well.) If you tried it before, you'll be amazed at the improvements!

The Open Bot channels' !generate feature now includes images for the bot that you generate so you can see what each personality looks like.