✅An amazing community! ✅Self Reaction Roles ✅Roles Unlock Categories ✅Icon Roles ✅Help Channel for everyone ✅Community Hub with Shit Posting ✅Meme's included ✅International Chat with built in translator ✅Art, Writing, Photography Hub ✅Gaming Quarters with Pokecord, Generated Currency, Magic 8 Ball, Hangman, Nunchi, Typing Contests, Tic-Tac-Toe, Random Trivia, Cards against Humanity and more... ✅RSS Feeds for Reddit, WWE, Sport News, Google News and 9 Gag ✅Hubs dedicated to supporting streamers ✅Watching Streamers together ✅Club Creation ✅Mobile Gaming, Console, PC and Cross Platform ✅Anime and Manga Hubs ✅NSFW Channel ✅NSFW Auto ✅How to Hub, Life, Fandom and Other if it confuses us. ✅Shop Hub for Discord Currency ✅Free currency for activity ✅Custom xp cards for xp system ✅More xp for posting ✅Event, Feedback and Application Hubs ✅A sweet little admin section with a coffee cup. ✅Great Friends that love video games. ✅A hosted bot named Kitsune Bot ✅Sever outlet to find other Discords ✅Self-Promotion allowed and encouraged (Long as it's in proper Sections) ➖Working On➖ A lot more to still set up but we will get there together ❌ Only thing missing is you. Our newest Kitsune.