Discord Link: https://discord.gg/DzTXNR3

  • Not only are we Disboard’s #1 Rated Ark Cluster on PS4, we are still growing, and still improving! We are looking to continue adding active and like minded mature (ideally 18+) members to our already blooming community. We are a cluster founded by players, and created for players, so the player’s experience will always be our #1 focus! Come join us and enjoy our Easy, Transferable Element, Alpha Dino Drop System, Admin Events, and Much Much More!

—————————— - 10x Tame/Harvest | 15x Breeding/XP | 6 Man Tribes | One Ally -

- Active Discord | Friendly Community | Admin Events | Admin Shop -

- In Game Currency | Custom Drops | Better Alpha Dino Drops -

- Massive Quality of Life Upgrades | Infinite Struture Pickup | Stack Mod | Easy/Transferable Element System -

- 8 Maps (No Scorched Earth) | Starter Server -


~ Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon! You know this is where you wanna go, so get here fast and take it slow 🎵~