KrisbyBot has had some improvements

Recently added commands: _fox (Looks up a random image of a fox) _cat (Looks up a random image of a cat) _dog (Looks up a random image of a dog)

Changelog 23.06.20

Added a text based XP system! Very simple. Once you send a message, you gain a random amount of XP between 8-14. Then a cooldown is added to your ID, rendering you unable to gain any more XP the next 60 seconds.

-- k!rank @user to see someone's level, or k!rank to see your own!

Note, if the user doesn't have any xp the k!rank command will return a null value. To fix that, chat! Talk more!

Changelog 24.06.20

  • Bugfix (Bots no longer gain xp)
  • Bugfix (Node would crash when checking the rank of a user that doesn't have xp, no longer does so but returns a null value instead)