Landela-cityRP . FiveM RP server / SUOMI, FINNISH / @OpenBeta

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Landela-cityRP . FiveM RP server / SUOMI, FINNISH / @OpenBeta

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Morjenttes! OpenBeta kohta ovella!

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A friendly, open server full of gamers, geeks, goons and gals. We play all sorts of games, both video games and tabletop (which we can also play online) and Roleplay. Our Roleplay is a group RP where we all interact with eachother in the same world. The community is open and the rules are fairly lax. We do seasonal events and our roles are themed, with the theme changing every so often.
TFF is a group of ARMA3 players, focusing on realistic but relaxed mil-sim content created by its members for bi-weekly (Friday and Saturday, 22:00UTC) events hosted on our dedicated server(s). We curate our content best we can, so everyone has fun, while not ruining anybody else's.
Th' pirate ship fer all ye landlubbers that 'ave a dead dad. Come t' this totally 100% active pirate themed server that totally wasn't create as a joke. Talk wit' mateys, sin' sea shanties together, plunder booty, post memes, natter about gay shit, plunder yer scallywag's booty, plunder yer owns booty, anythin' ye wants t' do as a pirate can be done in th' Dead Dad Dreadnought. No rules aboard a pirate ship, unless I don't like ye.
Hey, I´´ m awful, bin 15 Jahre alt und bin absolut trash in jedem Game. Außerdem laber ich die meiste Zeit nur Schei*e und hab nen riesengroßen Dachschaden. Außerdem streame ich auch auf Twitch aber das macht nichts. Wenn du also Lust hast mich zu supporten, dann trete jetzt bei!