Our Goal

Liquid Roleplay is dedicated to provide immersive and realistic roleplay from many different aspects, such as intricate criminal activities that reward those who dare attempt them, to more immersive civilian jobs and activities allowing them to make money. Civilians who would rather remain lawful can run a business, and criminals can peddle drugs, claim turf, distribute weapons and more. All of this is to create amazing and entertaining storylines. With dedicated developers and a friendly staff devoted to providing assistance to anyone in need, Liquid is also ran by experienced and serious role-players making the server strongly geared towards entertainment and quality roleplay. We host bi-weekly out of character community meetings in our discord server so that everyone can voice their opinions. Additionally, you can elect a mayor that can host in-game in-character city hall meetings with all the citizens of Los Santos, so everyone’s voice is heard.

For The Community

We provide the ability for individuals to suggest ideas, business plans and more to our development team. Our developers are then able to create unique, custom, never before seen features submitted by our community. We strongly believe in a community-focused approach with implementing new features in our server in order to enrich and expand everyone’s roleplay experience.

Liquid Roleplay is currently in development and is set to release. Our development team is constantly working on improving and enhancing the city for an immersive unique experience.

  • Department of Justice
  • Relationship Systems
  • Housing
  • Apartments
  • Businesses
  • Import Vehicles
  • Unique Police Systems
  • Stash Houses
  • Many Custom Unique Activities
  • Gun Licenses & Gun Dealers
  • Unique Criminal Activities
  • Fashion & Custom Clothing

We’ve important many custom female and male clothes into the server, and are constantly adding more and new fashion into the server, we’ve got cute female hairs and outfits.